About Barbara Boyd


At long last Barbara was on top of the mountain. The air was crisp and cold, the powder nearly perfect, and she couldn’t remember a time when she’d felt so exhilarated. Her spirits rose even higher when she pushed off and began the run down that beautiful mountainside. After all, eight months earlier she wasn’t sure if she’d ever ski again. But with hard work and an endlessly optimistic spirit, Barbara persevered—and she achieved her goal.

A Love for Living

When you first meet Barbara, it’s hard to imagine that this energetic and enthusiastic professional once faced a major challenge in her life. What you see is a woman who loves to laugh and who clearly enjoys living. Indeed, it’s hard not to laugh and feel good right along with her. Barbara’s positive spirit is truly infectious, and over the years it has touched many people. That warmth and optimism are the heart and soul of her success, both personally and professionally.

Always A Silver Lining

It’s typical of Barbara to recount how the paramedics joked that she should “stay off wheels” when she suffered her second accident in one year (the first on roller-blades, the second on a bicycle). But for as long as she can remember, Barbara has always been determined to find the silver lining. In this case, the second accident “forced me to slow down and take stock of my life,” she says. “I had a long recovery period, and it taught me how much we take for granted.” The same positive determination that made Barbara a successful retail business owner enabled her recovery, and it’s one she shares daily with her adult son.

Touching Lives

But it’s the people she helps as a real estate sales consultant who benefit the most from Barbara’s enthusiastic energy and optimism. Barbara understands just how challenging a move can be—whether it involves a first-time home purchase, a relocation in or out of the area or the sale of a beloved, long-time residence. That’s why she’s so dedicated to making every move smooth and stress-free for her clients. People who work with Barbara appreciate her caring and comprehensive support as much as they do her strong market knowledge and years of experience in real estate.

Barbara offers her clients everything from reliable market information to consistent communication and follow-up throughout the process. Buyers and sellers who work with her know they can count on Barbara to keep them informed throughout their transaction, and they know they can trust her to ensure that every detail is covered through every step of the process. But it’s Barbara’s spirited approach that has the greatest impact. She makes the entire real estate process a positive one for everyone involved.

Positively Spirited

If you’re considering the sale or purchase of a home or condo in Kelowna, you deserve to work with a professional who believes in making the real estate experience a good one for everyone involved. With Barbara Boyd, you get a professional who’s always Positively Spirited. Call her for a complimentary consultation.

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